A St Sunday Crag Horseshoe

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Want to do a horseshoe shaped walk that takes in Fairfield? And that starts at Patterdale? And takes in St Sunday Crag? You do? Well so did I. So I did.

I'd already been to Fairfield, but never fear for there were four other new fells to enjoy.

Walked on 23 July 2017

Route: Patterdale → Arnison Crag → Birks → St Sunday Crag → Fairfield → Hartsop above How → Patterdale.

Arnison Crag

Published 26 November 2017

Only a mile’s walk from Patterdale, but oh what a view!


Published 3 December 2017

The overlooked one that doesn’t really suggest much of a reason not to overlook it.

St Sunday Crag

Published 10 December 2017

The fell with a strangely religious name.

Hartsop above How

Published 17 December 2017

A hill overlooking the village of How? No. Not quite…