A tour of Loweswater

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Tucked in the far western corner of the Lake District, Loweswater is a delightful spot with some lovely fells to wander over. Just don't ask why someone put fences across the footpaths without adding a stile as well...

Walked on 15 September 2019.

Route: Loweswater → Burnbank Fell → Blake Fell → Gavel Fell → Hen Comb → Loweswater

Burnbank Fell

Published 15 March 2020

Right at the far north western edge of the Lake District lies a cracking little fell with some lovely views.

Blake Fell

Published 29 March 2020

The middle of three fells overlooking Loweswater.

Gavel Fell

Published 5 April 2020

The third of three fells that sit around Loweswater.

Hen Comb

Published 12 April 2020

‘Pleasant enough on a sunny day for anybody who doesn’t want to get excited’ apparently.