Advertising and Commercial Activities Policy

Published 27 November 2013. Last updated 13 January 2021

Last updated: 13 January 2021.

This page details the normal policy of the owner of the Rambling Man website, with respect to commercial activities. If you are considering contacting us about such activities please take note of the contents of this page first.

Things we don’t do

Please note that it is not our policy to do the following on this website:

  • Sponsored guest posts – we will not under any circumstance publish a sponsored guest post on this site. Where we do have guest posts, they will be ones we have suggested to do for our own editorial reasons
  • Advertising – we do not sell advertising space on this website. We may feature links to products which are for sale on commercial sites, however products are always selected for editorial reasons, not for the raising of revenue
  • Link Exchanges and other SEO activities – no we won’t include your link on our site. Not if we don’t want to.

Please note that if you email us about one of the above activities, your email is liable to be ignored. No matter how many times you “follow up” on it. Given than warning, if you do choose still email us about such things, we do reserve the right to publish your email, and publicly ridicule you for your inability to read and understand simple requests. Just so you know.

Things generally don’t do, however might in the right circumstances

These are the things we may do if, and only if, we decide that they are relevant to our readers:

  • Gear reviews – we may do gear reviews if the product is something that might be something we’d use and/or buy. For any product submitted to our review, we will give our honest opinion – positive or negative. The reviews will also clearly state that the product was provided for review, and is not something we’d purchased ourselves.
  • Affiliate links – we may consider affiliate links if the product is likely to be relevant to our readers.

To be honest, it’s still unlikely. But feel free to ask.

Other things

If you have a proposition that doesn’t fit in the above, please get in touch.

This policy is based on propositions we have already received, so we may need to determine if what you want to do, is something we want to do.