Rambling Man Videos and Creative Commons

Published 5 October 2011. Last updated 5 December 2013

From 25 September 2011 I intend to release all new Rambling Man videos under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.

This means you are given my permission to do the following:

  • share — copy, distribute and transmit the videos
  • remix — adapt the videos
  • to make commercial use of the videos

However if you do so you must:

  • state that the original video was by Andrew Bowden and include all copyright statements
  • include the URL to the Rambling Man website (//ramblingman.org.uk/) within the video
  • include all details of all music sources in the original video
  • make it clear that the video was released under a Creative Commons licence

Note: from time to time it may be necessary to release a video which does not have a Creative Commons licence. Videos with a Creative Commons licence are listed that way both in the YouTube description and in the video itself.


All our videos are hosted on YouTube and embeddable on any website, regardless of the licence above. If you wish to share the video via the web, then we recommend simply embedding the original YouTube video on your own website.


Please note that due to time and server constraints I do not release the original source code of Rambling Man videos however you are free to remix videos using the YouTube Video Editor.

Whilst you are under no obligation to, we do suggest that remixed videos are also released under the Creative Commons licence above. It’s only fair.

Note on videos released prior to 25 September 2011

The original Rambling Man videos used a piece of music as the theme tune which, whilst out of copyright in some countries, was not copyright free across the world. Because Rambling Man does not have the global rights to distribute that piece of music we are unable to make the early Rambling Man videos available under a Creative Commons licence.

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