Southern Upland Way Cartoons

Published 13 March 2012

So these aren’t photos. They’re cartoons. And cartoons aren’t photos. But I don’t have a cartoons section. Not on this site anyway.

These are a series of postcards I drew and sent from the Southern Upland Way. They were all sent to my partner Catherine who was busy toiling away in an office in London whilst I gallivanted across Scotland.

Each postcard actually consisted of four cartoons on one card, but here I’ve split each one out. They were drawn using a black Sharpie pen on postcards designed for watercolours. Some got a little mucky in the post. But hey, that just adds to their charm.

Cartoon of a tree, with the caption 'Wow! just look at that tree!'

Cartoon of a walker in a forest saying "Bloomin' forest"

Cartoon of a walker in a forest saying "What a lovely forest!"

Cartoon of a walker stood at a window looking at the rain saying "Do I have to leave this bothy?"

Cartoon of someone running for a bus saying "Dumfries please!" then holding a flag and saying "God save the King!"

Cartoon of some walkers meeting each other going "Wow! This is the first time I've seen anyone on the Southern Upland Way!"

Cartoon of a walker sat on a hillside saying "Half past 11 and the end is in sight. Ahhh..."

Cartoon of a sign saying 'Wanlockhead Inn. Quality food, free camping" with rain falling all over it.

Cartoon of a dilemma. 1 - a curry. 2 - walk another 10 miles
Why yes, there is a typo on this one.

Cartoon of two walkers. One says "Walking the Southern Upland Way?" The other says "Nope! North Coast to South Coast!". A sheep goes "Gulp! I mean... Baa"

Cartoon with someone saying "And because you're a hiker, you get a free hot shower!"

Cartoon of a walker in the fog saying to three cairns, "Have you seen the view? I think someone's stolen it!"

A cartoon word cloud of Southern Upland Way words and wavy lines

Cartoon in two parts. Part 1 - time 3:30pm. Caption "What a lovely campsite. But too early!". Panel 2: Time 6pm. "Why csan't I find water? Why?!"

Cartoon of a walker next to a sign saying "Abbey St Bathans", saying "Am I at the end yet?"

Cartoon of a walker sat on a bench at the end of the Southern Upland Way

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