At the end of the Ridgeway

Published 26 April 2020

Ivinghoe Beacon
Ivinghoe Beacon, the end of the Ridgeway

The Ridgeway is starts in the middle of nowhere. Next to no public transport serves it. There’s no train station nearby. And whilst there is a bus route nearby, it’s not exactly handy and convenient. It’s not even that exciting a location.

The eastern terminus of the Ridgeway is a better. There’s a bus service nearby. Oh and there’s a view.

On a good day you can stand on Ivinghoe Beacon and see for miles around. Indeed this used to be a signal point; a spot where people would use to send messages over long distances in times of crisis.

On a less good day, it gets lost in the cloud and haze.

But regardless of the type of day it is, Ivinghoe Beacon’s a cracking point. There was an Iron Age fort here, and – like much of the Ridgeway – there’s evidence of Bronze Age burial mounds. It’s a place of history as well as a place for views.

You don’t even have to walk the whole of the Ridgeway to get there. Tring station is only a few miles away and a circular walk from the station to the Beacon is a popular stroll.

Yes, this is a good ending all right.

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