Sandstone Trail

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Declared one of Britain's best walks, the Sandstone Trail is a walk through Cheshire's sandstone hills. Offering glorious panoramic views, castles, history, unusual canal locks, lots of sandstone, and even a few fields, it's a gem of a walk. And at 35 mile/56km, it only needs three days to walk it.

I found some time in March 2022, and went to see just how much sandstone one person could get to see.

Sandstone Trail Day 1: Frodsham to Kelsall

Published 9 October 2022

Sandstone, forests, and more stunning views than you could possibly ever wish for.

Sandstone Trail Day 2: Kelsall to Bulkeley

Published 23 October 2022

An enchanted woodland, an old European Union depot, a castle, the ruins of an old tramway, and more of those great views.

Sandstone Trail Day 3: Bulkeley to Whitchurch

Published 6 November 2022

Michael Owen’s champion racehorses (not seen), another Bickerton Hill very close from the first, and a walk along the canal.

Planning your Sandstone Trail walk

Published 20 November 2022

A 34 mile/55km walk through Cheshire’s sandstone hills, that’s been declared one of Britain’s Top 100 Walks? What is there not to love?

Sandstone Trail - the trail highlights

This is not a boar-ing photo

Published 16 October 2022

A two headed wooden boar in a forest? Look, your guess is as good as mine on this one.

What a big lump of sandstone looks like

Published 30 October 2022

You may be wondering what sandstone looks like. And just how much sandstone someone will see on the Sandstone Trail.

Their Name Liveth For Evermore

Published 13 November 2022

Today, across the country, we will remember those that lost their lives in the name of our freedom.

Sandstone Trail Gallery

Published 20 November 2022

One of Cheshire’s best walks, shown in photographic form.