What a big lump of sandstone looks like

Published 30 October 2022

Sandstone cliffs on the Sandstone Trail.

If you’re reading my Sandstone Trail series (and if you’re not, better get started) you may be wondering what sandstone looks like. And just how much sandstone someone will see on the Sandstone Trail.

The answer to the latter is, quite a lot. And the answer to the former is, look at the photograph above.

What tends to happen is that the trail goes past big rocks, like the one above. Rocks that are all weathered and worn, and often quite colourful. They’re usually surrounded by trees and look incredibly atmospheric, especially in fine weather.

Sandstone is commonly used in building as it’s easy to work with. It’s even used in some road laying. But I reckon the best sandstone is the one that’s left in the ground, ready to be enjoyed by us all.

A Peak and Northern Footpaths Society signpost on Frodsham Hill, for those trying to navigate the Sandstone Trail.

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