A Newlands Horseshoe

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Overlooking the Newlands Valley are a series of fells. One of them is well known. Catbells. But the others are frequented far, far less. And I decided it was definitely time to check them out.

Walked on 13 September 2019.

Route: Hawes End → Catbells → Maiden Moor → High Spy → Dale Head → Hindscarf → Hawes End.

Maiden Moor

Published 12 January 2020

The far less frequented neighbour of Catbells.

High Spy

Published 19 January 2020

Who fancies a game of High Spy? I’ll start. High Spy with my little eye, a fell in the Newlands Valley…

Dale Head

Published 26 January 2020

It’s at head of a dale. So what else are you going to call it?


Published 2 February 2020

An easy fell to end off a tour of the Newlands Valley?