The North Western Fells

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Tucked away in (funnily enough) the north west of the Lakes, the North Western Fells are perhaps wilder and less explored than many of their counterparts.

Even so, it's here that you'll find two Lakeland favourites: Catbells and Grisedale Pike. And, of course, so much more.

Wainwright bag count: 25 out of 29

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(Not quite) the Coledale Horseshoe

A traverse of the Coledale fells that didn't quite go according to plan.

A Grasmoor Horsehoe

The tallest fell in the North Western area is Grasmoor, the star of this days walking. One that featured several other wonderful fells.

A Newlands Horseshoe

Overlooking the Newlands Valley are a series of fells. One of them is well known. Catbells. But the others are frequented far, far less.

Another Newlands Adventure

Three fells with cracking views of Newlands Hause, the Newlands Pass, and much more.

Six Fells Near the X5 bus

Get off bus, walk six fells, get back on bus again and go home.

The North Western Singles Collection

Fells in the North Western fells that were bagged by themselves, rather than as part of a longer walk.

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Want to plunge in and just read about a particular fell? This is the section to look at.

Sale Fell

Published 21 May 2023

On the northern tip of Lakeland, a little fell that’s quite nice. Although the nearby train is arguably more memorable.

Ling Fell

Published 14 May 2023

A small fell at the northern edge of Lakeland, with loud dogs and a flooded trig point.


Published 7 May 2023

Graystones, or Kirk Fell? Who knows what this fell is really called.

Broom Fell

Published 30 April 2023

The fell named after a cleaning implement, that has an impressive monument.

Lord’s Seat

Published 23 April 2023

The nearby neighbour of Barf with a far classier name.


Published 16 April 2023

The lovely fell with the silly name,


Published 5 June 2022

Perhaps the only fell to extensively feature characters from children’s picture books.

Rannerdale Knotts

Published 31 January 2021

one of those single, solitary fells that looks like it would be a delight to walk over late in the afternoon, before the sun starts to set.

Whiteless Pike

Published 24 January 2021

At the end of my horseshoe, a cracking little fell with a fantastic view.


Published 17 January 2021

Wandope. Really not the most exciting fell in the world.


Published 10 January 2021

The highest of the North Western Fells.


Published 3 January 2021

It’s steep, and rather foreboding. And you may well get overtaken by a dog on the way up. But Whiteside is a cracking fell non-the-less.

Ard Crags

Published 13 December 2020

Knott Rigg’s fractionally larger, more heathery neighbour.

Knott Rigg

Published 6 December 2020

With greenery everywhere, and a stonking view of the Newlands Valley, what is there not to love about Knott Rigg?


Published 29 November 2020

The fell overlooking the Newlands Valley that has absolutely nothing to do with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft.


Published 2 February 2020

An easy fell to end off a tour of the Newlands Valley?

Dale Head

Published 26 January 2020

It’s at head of a dale. So what else are you going to call it?

High Spy

Published 19 January 2020

Who fancies a game of High Spy? I’ll start. High Spy with my little eye, a fell in the Newlands Valley…

Maiden Moor

Published 12 January 2020

The far less frequented neighbour of Catbells.


Published 27 January 2019

A grand place for settling down and getting the old pipe out for an hour’s quiet meditation. Except during the school holidays.


Published 20 January 2019

Wainwright believed the view to lack charm. But at least there was a view for us to see.

Hopegill Head

Published 13 January 2019

Not necessarily on the Coledale Horseshoe, but in bad weather, definitely worth a visit.

Grisedale Pike

Published 6 January 2019

A stunning fell with some amazing views from its 791m high summit. Or so I am told.

Castle Crag

Published 9 December 2018

The family friendly fell that makes up in interest what it lacks in size.


Published 18 July 2013

A well known family fell, or the scene of abject terror?

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I’m a sucker for an artistically looking cairn

Published 7 February 2021

It all looks too delicate. Like a strong wind would blow it over. Maybe even a breeze. But it was good to see it whilst it was there.

Video Sam’s First Fell

Published 12 September 2013

Baby, meet fell. Fell, meet baby.