A Coniston to Langadale walk

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As part of a week-long trip to the Lakes, I'd spent the night camping in Coniston, I decided to relocate to the beautiful Langdale. And there was only one way to get there. Well actually there were many, but I decided to walk. And visit some Wainwrights on the way, starting with the small, but perfectly formed Black Fell, before heading on to Holme Fell and Lingmoor Fell.

Walked on 25 May 2011.

Route: Consiton → Black Fell → Holme Fell → Lingmoor Fell → Old Dungeon Ghyll

Black Fell

Published 29 September 2011

Chances are you’ve not heard of Black Fell. But you should have.

Holme Fell

Published 3 October 2011

“It is characteristic of many of Lakeland’s lesser heights that what they lack in elevation they make up in ruggedness” said Wainwright on his pages on Holme Fell. And he wasn’t wrong there. Holme Fell may be diminutive coming in at a mere 317m in height but boy are its slopes rugged.

Lingmoor Fell

Published 17 October 2011

No one’s going to shake your hands or slap your back having done Lingmoor. It’s ascent is not the stuff of legends. But the views when you do get up there, well they are legendary.