At the start of the Yorkshire Wolds Way

Published 10 November 2019

The start of the Wolds Way, with a signpost and a litter bin
The glamorous first steps on the Yorkshire Wolds Way

I recently dragged my fifty litre rucksack out of its home in a storage cupboard. Inside I found a rather large, very battered, and extremely out of date looking bar of Kendal Mint Cake.

It took a few minutes to remember why it was there. My friend Tal had unceremoniously handed it to me the day we started walking the Yorkshire Wolds Way in the summer of 2018. It was already out of date then. Where he’d got it from is another matter.

Not long after he handed it over, we set off from our B&B in Hessle, and started walking. A short way down the road we found the start of the Yorkshire Wolds Way.

Located on an estuary near a former pub, the trail starts rather uneventfully. There’s a signpost, and a litter bin. On the day we were there, the bin was overflowing. Hardly an exciting start for a 79 mile walk through the Yorkshire Wolds.

Stone monument at the start of the Yorkshire Wolds Way
Stone monument near the start of the Yorkshire Wolds Way

A more impressive marker comes a short way on near the Humber Bridge. A large stone monument, with the National Trust acorn carved into it along with the names of some of the towns and villages on the route.

But it’s not actually at the start. So it doesn’t count.

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