Wild flowers in a field of wheat

Published 7 June 2020

Poppies growing at the edge of the crops in Swin Dale
Wild flowers growing in In Swin Dale

Gosh, it’s almost two years ago that I walked the Yorkshire Wolds Way with my good friend Tal. Later this year Tal, myself and two other friends are booked into walk another trail, the Speyside Way. It’s all pencilled in September. Will it actually happen? Well it’s probably too soon to say.

But that is in the future. Whether that future be 2020 is another question, but it will happen.

Until we find out what the future will hold, all we can do is look back at treasured memories. And this is one of my favourite photographs from the Yorkshire Wolds Way.

After all, it’s got everything. Wheat. Wild flowers. A very tall person walking in the distance. What more could you want?

You can read more about my Yorkshire Wolds Way adventure. If you’d like.

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