South Downs Way National Trail

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The incredibly beautiful South Downs Way shows just how beautiful the South East of England can be. It's 99 miles between Winchester and Eastbourne are a delight to walk.on

With a load of leave to use up, Spring 2010 saw me decide to walk the South Downs Way - a 100 mile National Trail through the amazing countryside of the South Downs National Park.

I completed the walk in four sections, walking two days each. Below you can find out how I got on, as well as information on how to organise your own walking trip.

South Downs Way Day 1 – Winchester to Exton

Published 23 February 2010

Setting forth from Winchester on the South Downs Way.

South Downs Way Day 2 – Exton to Petersfield

Published 24 February 2010

Charles, the owner of the Copper House B&B (who, incidentally, only does B&B for walkers) had warned me the day before that I’d probably be woken up by the cockeral at about 4am. Well if it did crow, I slept right through it – an unusual occurrence given I normally get woken up at the drop of a hat. Or Catherine’s snoring.

South Downs Way Day 3 – Petersfield to Cocking

Published 15 March 2010

Mud, sun and wind as I walk another day on the South Downs Way.

South Downs Way Day 4 – Cocking to Amberley

Published 17 March 2010

Trees, gloomy weather, funghi and flooded fields. Still, at least it didn’t rain.

South Downs Way Day 5 – Amberley to Upper Beeding

Published 29 March 2010

Classic downsland walking with some great views as I stroll to the edge of West Sussex

South Downs Way Day 6 – Upper Beeding to Lewes

Published 30 March 2010

Beautiful countryside, fantastic sunsets, but sometimes you just don’t want to be doing 20 odd miles…

South Downs Way Day 7 – Lewes to Alfriston

Published 20 May 2010

After a bit of a gap, it’s back on the South Downs Way for the penultimate section.

South Downs Way Day 8 – Alfriston to Eastbourne

Published 21 May 2010

It’s the eighth and final day on the South Downs Way as the trail ends in Eastbourne.

Planning your South Downs Way walk

Published 29 June 2010

An excellent walk across some of the finest scenery in the South of England, the South Downs Way’s myriad of local villages and excellent transport links provide many ways to walk it.

South Downs Way National Trail - the trail highlights

South Downs Way Gallery

Published 6 February 2011

From Spring 2010, it’s Winchester to Eastbourne in photographic form.

At the end of the South Downs Way

Published 4 November 2012

Or is it the start?

We farm cucumbers

Published 27 August 2023

Sometimes you just have to show a photograph of a sign saying Cucumber Farm.

Also about South Downs Way National Trail

National Trails – from old to new

Published 25 June 2023

In 2025 we’ll be getting a new National Trail. But how long have the others been around?

A fine view on the South Downs Way

Published 20 June 2021

You can keep your Severn Sisters and your Beacon Hill. This view at Amberley is what it’s all about.

The South Downs Way – A Sunday Picture Special

Published 14 February 2021

Eleven years ago I set off on the South Downs Way. So what better excuse to look at some lovely photos from that walk.

Which walk should I do?

Published 7 July 2019

Every now and then, someone emails me to ask which walk they should do. Now there’s an open ended question, I think, because it totally depends on who you are and what you like. And if you fall into one these categories, you’ll find your answer here! And if you don’t fall into one of these categories, you might not.

Moo Moo

Published 16 August 2015

Not entirely sure what they farm there though. Pigs perhaps?

At the start of the South Downs Way and St Swithun’s Way. Oh and the end of the Clarendon Way too.

Published 7 December 2014

If there’s such a thing as a walking trail hub, then Winchester is one of them.

There’s no good walking in the South East? Hang on whilst I slap you with this wet fish

Published 21 March 2012

There’s this massive thing that some people have that there’s no proper walking in the South East of England. And that’s nonsense.

Shadow Play

Published 4 December 2011

I’ve used this one to illustrate blog posts twice before so it might be cheating a bit to give it another outing, but I have because I love it to bits.

The Setting Sun

Published 2 October 2011

You get the best sunsets in spring and in autumn and as it’s now October I thought I’d show you some of my favourite sunset photographs.