We farm cucumbers

Published 27 August 2023

Metal sign saying 'Cucumber Farm'
No, we only grow onions here.

Normally in August and September, Rambling Man takes some time off. Time to relax, unwind, and, [checks notes] spend time on beaches and water slides with the children. This year I thought I’d do something different. I thought I’d share some photos that I’ve wanted to use in my Sunday Picture feature for a long time but never seemed to find the right time. Well their time is now

This August bank holiday weekend marks the seventh year since we moved into our house in Greater Manchester. What with having a newborn baby at the time, we never got round to doing a housewarming party. Every subsequent year I’d think about finally doing one on the anniversary, but would remember about it far too. Or we’d have some other commitment. Or be on holiday. Next year, I kept saying to myself.

Skip forward a few years later and I moot the idea we should do a big ‘five year’ bash. I have this idea in plenty of time. I start thinking about what we could do. Plan out invites with a suggestion to “save the date”.

That was January 2020. Yeah, you can guess the rest.

I gave up after that.

Why am I telling you this? And what has it to do with a metal sign saying “Cucumber Farm”? Well…

Okay, there’s not really much to say about Cucumber Farm. It’s the name of the farm and the entrance to it is near Singleton in West Sussex. I passed by it whilst on my way to my B&B when walking the South Downs Way. And many moons ago I put this photo in a pile of “possibles” to include on this website.

I have no idea why. Other than that I find it funny. Not that funny. It’s not hysterical or anything. But it never seemed right to use it. Cos frankly it’s not a great photo. And it’s not that interesting, really. To be honest, it’s here mainly because if I don’t use it now, whenever will I?

Sometimes you just have to do things. And – here’s the screeching tenuous link – maybe I do need to do that housewarming party after all.

Although we can’t do it this weekend. Cos we’ve got something on.



17 September 2023 at 12:27 pm

Oh Rambling Man you are so wrong! Cucumber Farm lies beyond my garden wall and is the most beautiful place in the world. It is thus called because the hill is shaped like a cucumber. Thousands of years of livestock, wild deer and no doubt Romans trudged along it creating furrows of a cucumber.

P. S. How do you set up a blog? Is it too complicated for a very old lady do grasp?

Andrew Bowden (Rambling Man editor)

18 September 2023 at 9:43 am

Hello Bracken – one of the glorious thing about the internet is you can put up a rather throw-away trivial article, and then find out some really interesting information!

As for setting up blogs, there are easy ways like using WordPress.com – so someone else does the hard work of looking after it.

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