Shadow Play

Published 4 December 2011

My shadow whilst walking the South Downs Way
Me and my shadow

I’ve used this one to illustrate blog posts twice before so it might be cheating a bit to give it another outing, but I have because I love it to bits.

It was taken on my second day walking the South Downs Way in February 2010. It was a brilliant day for walking – bit nippy but with that bright winter sunshine that’s so nice to walk in.

As I walked up Old Winchester Hill I noticed the way the low sun was creating shadows on the path, and it gave me an idea.

Actually implementing this self-portrait was a slow process involving many attempts. Actually framing it sensibly was hard enough but the biggest problem was disguising the fact that I was holding the camera at the time!

Unfortunately not everything was good on that trip. I was wearing new hiking boots and had laced them together far too tightly causing them to rub causing me some discomfort for the next few weeks, and me to lose the nails of both my little toes.

More on my South Downs Way adventures can be found in the Walks section, and South Downs Way photos can be viewed in the photos section. Cunningly.

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