I’m a sucker for an artistically looking cairn

Published 7 February 2021

Summit cairn at the top of Hopegill Head

As I type, England is in its third national lockdown. Schools are closed. Everyone’s supposed to be staying at home.

The heady days of September 2021 when I got to spend a week in the Lake District, being carefree (whilst obviously maintaining social distancing etc etc) and climbing fells, seem so long ago.

Still I can at least remember those heady days and remind myself that they will come again. THEY WILL COME AGAIN.

One day I’ll be back at the Lakes like I was in September. And I may be standing on a fell top enjoying an artistically arranged cairn. Like the one I saw whilst walking a Grasmoor horseshoe (okay, technically it was more like a Grasmoor M shape but whatever.)

One of the fells I went to that day, I’d been to before. Except on my original visit to Hopegill Head I’d barely been able to see anything. If this amazing looking cairn was there then, I missed it in the cloud.

I suspect it wasn’t there at that point though. And I strongly suspect it won’t be there next time I’m at Hopegill Head. It all looks too delicate. Like a strong wind would blow it over. Maybe even a breeze.

Still, it was good to see it. It looked grand. And when push comes to shove, who doesn’t like such a grand looking cairn? Even if it does prove to only be temporary.

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