The Battle of Bow Fell

Published 26 September 2011

In his Pictorial Guide to the Southern Fell Wainwright told his readers to consider Bow Fell one of the best half dozen fells in Lakeland but after failing to ascend it on a visit in May, on the the 16 September 2011 Catherine and myself headed to the Lake District in order to have another go!

So when you’re heading up to one of the best half dozen fells you just have to film it. And this video is what we got up to.

You may also notice there’s a brand new title sequence and some funky new theme music. Reason for that is, if totally honest, because YouTube had suddenly started slapping their ugly in-video adverts over some of my films and frankly that’s not nice for you lot.

I suspect the reason is because of the music I used – a track called Walk Right In by Canon’s Jug Stompers. Recorded in the 1930s, it’s supposed to be out of copyright but hey, clearly someone thinks its not.

So instead it’s time for something a bit more modern. The new theme tune is by an artist called Brad Sucks who is a fantastic musician and who releases his music for people to do things with.

The music in question is a track of his called “Out of It“. If you listen to the original you’ll notice a bit of a difference. What I’ve done is stripped out the vocals and sped up the audio. With a bit of cropping, lo, there’s the Rambling Man remix. Brad asks that anyone remixing his work uploads it on to CCMixter so you can find my files .

More videos on the way from Rambling Man, and if you enjoy this one why not tell your friends?

Can’t see the video on this page? Watch the Battle of Bow Fell on YouTube!

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