Sights of the North Downs Way

Published 23 October 2013

Observant, regular readers will have noted that I finished walking the North Downs Way about a year ago – September 2012. So why, oh why, has it taken me over a year to finish my video on it?

Well, I blame the baby.

Anyway, here the video finally is. Sights of the North Downs Way has a simple concept. To show you the North Downs Way. In video form. What to see, what to expect, what you’ll find.

Or something like that anyway.

And if you enjoy the video, you may also enjoy Rambling Man Walks the North Downs Way – a new ebook collection of my North Downs Way series, available for Kindle, Nook, iTunes and Google Play! A mere snip of a bargain at just £1.99.

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