St Bees Boot Wetting

Published 18 December 2013

Well it’s nearly Christmas. A time when people reflect on the year gone by. So here’s a video all about what happened this year.

Actually, no. Stuff it. Let’s go back in the video vaults to 2010!

In the summer of 2010, Rambling Man and London Hiker stood on a windswept beech on the west coast of Cumbria and prepared to set out on what – at that time – would be their biggest walking adventure yet. Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walk.

It is traditional on A Coast to Coast Walk that you dip your boots in the sea at the start, and at the end. Which is why we did just that.

Fantastic stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Find more on the Coast to Coast, and get the most excellent e-book, over on the Coast to Coast pages!

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