A Message to Others

Published 2 March 2014


I’ve recently finished re-reading Tim Moore’s book, Spanish Steps, where he walks the Spanish pilgrimage route, Camino de Santiago (or the Way of St James as it is in English) with a donkey. With hilarious consequences!

Towards the end, as he approaches his destination, he sees a variety of messages left on the trail side written by people to others that they may not see again.

Reading it reminded me of this sign, seen on the Coast to Coast.

“To Jen and Tony [surname not fully visible]
‘Keep right on to the end of the way'”

Who are Jen and Tony? Who are Joan, Peter, Christine and Keith, who left the message? And why?

We saw it a few miles from Kirkby Stephen – half way point of the trail. Was it encouraging others to go all the way? Or was it wishing good luck to people who were ending their walking at the town?

We’ll never know. Probably. This is the internet after all, and stranger things have happened…

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