Walking near the sea

Published 9 July 2023

Smooth round stones, neatly piled up on a rock on the beach near Amble, on the Northumberland Coast Path.
Piles of rocks near Amble, on the Northumberland Coast Path.

For some reason I’d long been a bit of a sceptic about coastal walking. Never seemed to click with me. Looking back, I can’t really explain why. But I know when my mind changed. It was in 2021 when I walked the Northumberland Coast Path.

I knew the coastline in that part of the world was supposed to be stunning, but I was rather blown away with how lovely it was. And overnight I became a convert to the idea of coastal walking. There were many highlights, but the section north of the town of Bamburgh was definitely one of them. As was the area around Beadnell Harbour. Just before the heavens opened big style.

Of course, I know not every coastal walk is ever going to be as stunningly beautiful as the one through Northumberland. But it got me thinking. So much thinking that I began pondering the England Coast Path.

Not any time soon. No chance of that. Too big. Too long. Too many other trails I want to do first. But I did begin to wonder if that would be a good project for post retirement. When there’s more time on the hands to fill with such things.

That’s twenty years away. A lot can happen in that kind of time. But that’s the kind of thinking that a week in Northumberland can do for me.

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