Bigsweir Bridge

Published 26 November 2023

Bigsweir Bridge seen in the distance on the Offa's Dyke Path
Bigsweir Bridge, crossing the River Wye.

When I returned from my first five days walking the Offa’s Dyke Path National Trail, I eagerly looked at the photographs I had taken. And immediately noticed something wasn’t right.

I’m a bit traditional in that I’m one of those people who likes a proper camera. Especially for landscape photography and walks. Like most people, my day to day photographs are now taken on a mobile phone. But when out on a walk, well the proper camera always came with me. My Panasonic TZ-60’s been with me many years, and is much loved due to the quality of the photographs. And it’s insane 30 times optical zoom. Try getting a phone to do that.

This batch though, had a consistent problem. Most of them were blurry and iffy in the bottom right of the photo. Not all of them. If I’d used the zoom, they’d come out okay. But if I hadn’t, well, nah.

I thought there was something on the lens or something, so gave it a good clean.  But it didn’t help. Looking up the problem online suggests the problem may be that the lens has been knocked out of alignment.  Said camera is about nine years old and the reality is that it’s probably not worth repairing. 

It was rather infuriating. And meant I had to spend a lot of time trying to crop out the problems. Assuming the photograph was suitable to do so.

Added to the fact that a lot of the pictures appeared to be photographs of muddy paths taken in dull weather, and it was hardly the most exciting set.

So trying to dig out some photographs from the walk to highlight here, was a bit of a challenge.

But here’s one I like. It’s of Bigsweir Bridge, near Monmouth. This cast iron bridge was built across the River Wye in 1827, as part of a turnpike road between Monmouth and Chepstow. And it’s still there. Still in use. And viewed, like this photo, from afar, it looks lovely.

Yeah, okay, it would have been a better photograph if it had been a sunny day with beautiful blue sky. But to be honest, I’ll take it for the fact that it isn’t blurry and dodgy like most of the photos were.

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