The famous fish and chip van

Published 10 September 2023

A metal van selling Fish and Chips
Haddock and chips twice please.

Normally in August and September, Rambling Man takes some time off. Time to relax, unwind, and, [checks notes] spend time on beaches and water slides with the children. This year I thought I’d do something different. I thought I’d share some photos that I’ve wanted to use in my Sunday Picture feature for a long time but never seemed to find the right time. Well their time is now…

The place: Killin, Perthshire. Near Loch Tay. It’s the year 2012. We’re staying a week with extended family in a holiday cottage nearby. We’ve just done a Munro called Meall nan Tarmachan. It’s 1,044m high. My pregnant partner, Catherine, even managed it.

And we come down the hill and walk home when Catherine’s dad starts pointing out a metal van parked in the car park. Killin’s famous Fish and Chip van.

I had no idea why it’s famous. Still don’t. But apparently it is. And serves amazing fish and chips. Not that we got to sample them. Van was closed that day.

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