A Sunday Picture

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Every Sunday at Rambling Man we used to dig in to our photographic archives and excitedly share some of our favourite snapshots of our journeys. That was until 2015 when time constraints put paid to that.

But then in 2020 something happened. And it seemed like a good point to bring it back. Because, why not?

What happened in the Lakes, may not necessarily stay in the Lakes

Published 26 July 2015

Good weather, good views. The Lakes rarely disappoint.

Stuck in the clouds

Published 19 July 2015

Was it foggy for my recently finished holiday in the Lakes? How should I know? I can’t predict the future.

A boat on the Thames at Reading

Published 12 July 2015

Note to self: go and finish the Thames Path.

Crossing the Stile

Published 5 July 2015

An early digital snap out on the South Downs.

A fell-top picnic

Published 28 June 2015

Introducing a small child to the fun of eating lunch whilst being battered by the wind.

Users of this field do so at their own risk

Published 21 June 2015


Huts on the hillside

Published 14 June 2015

Shimmering in the sun; a delightful view from the Queyras Alps in France.

Sights seen whilst out walking #354671: Elmo driving a JCB

Published 7 June 2015

And if that’s not a scary thought, I don’t know what is.

Smargill Viaduct

Published 31 May 2015

Much of what we believe as a nation makes beautiful countryside has actually been guided by human hand.

Pub Food

Published 24 May 2015

Just what you want to see when its lunchtime and you’re out walking.

At the top of a fell, and this time wide awake

Published 17 May 2015

My son reaches a hill summit without being asleep.


Published 10 May 2015

Idyllic bothy on the banks of Loch Lomond, on the West Highland Way.

A field of yellow

Published 3 May 2015

The rape plant is distinctive on the landscape, and cracking on the plate too.

Longing for the Lakes

Published 26 April 2015

The urge and need to visit the Lakes again.

Soaring above the South Downs

Published 19 April 2015

The stunning sight of a paraglider on the South Downs.

At the start of the Clarendon Way

Published 12 April 2015

Whether you’re religious or not, starting at a cathedral certainly gives a sense of occassion.

Thank You

Published 5 April 2015

Always nice to be thanked by a sign by the road.

Surprising things you see on a walk #5: a stash of road signs

Published 29 March 2015

On a bridleway in a tunnel in Norway, what else will you see than road signs.

Surprising things you see on a walk #4: a scary stone monster

Published 22 March 2015

What’s that scary stone monster on the hillside?

Surprising things you see on a walk #3: someone encouraging you to cheat

Published 15 March 2015

Useful information targeted at walkers at a bus stop? That is most unexpected.

Surprising things you see on a walk #2: a graveyard

Published 8 March 2015

The long forgotten Old Barnes Cemetery lurks at the edge of a public footpath.

Surprising things you see on a walk #1: a rocket

Published 1 March 2015

Oh, okay, of course it’s not a rocket. It’s far worse.

Shadow pointing

Published 22 February 2015

Two people. One pointing at the other. In shadow.

What’s that growing out of that tree?

Published 15 February 2015

Fungi of the East Highland Way.

Waiting for the bus

Published 8 February 2015

There are worse places to do wait for a bus than on the edge of Rannoch Moor.

This Youth Hostel

Published 1 February 2015

What youth hosteling was all about

True winter walking. In the South East, anyway.

Published 25 January 2015

Even the gaily painted huts on Seaford beach may struggle with this weather.

Covered in ice

Published 18 January 2015

Ice shimmering ona a frozen plant.

Brr, it’s a bit cold

Published 11 January 2015

Out in the snow in the Pentlands

High Cup Nick

Published 4 January 2015

A natural wonder on the Pennine Way.

A Boxing Day Photo for 2014

Published 26 December 2014

Had enough of turkey yet? Here’s some snow to look at.

Warming by the fire

Published 21 December 2014

It’s the winter solstice today.

A finely balanced cairn

Published 14 December 2014

Cairn builders of the world, we salute you.

At the start of the South Downs Way and St Swithun’s Way. Oh and the end of the Clarendon Way too.

Published 7 December 2014

If there’s such a thing as a walking trail hub, then Winchester is one of them.

The sun setting over Edinburgh

Published 30 November 2014

Go up a hill, see a good view.

The end of the day at Glencoe

Published 23 November 2014

On the road between the Clachaig Inn and Glencoe SYHA.

A sunset over Arthur’s Seat

Published 16 November 2014

I love Edinburgh.

I’m looking at the big sky

Published 9 November 2014

What was that Kate Bush song where she sang “I’m looking at that big sky”?

The autumn sun behind a Dufton tree

Published 2 November 2014

A beatuiful view from the Pennine Way.

Haunted Forest, this way

Published 26 October 2014

It’s Halloween soon. In case you forgot.