A Boxing Day Photo

Published 26 December 2013. Last updated 20 December 2019

The snowy landscape near St Chad's Church, Saddleworth
The snowy landscape near St Chad’s Church, Saddleworth

With the family all living in the suburbs of Manchester, most Christmases have seen us head north out of London. Indeed, last year was the first Christmas I’d spent in the capital since moving here in 1999 – all thanks to a four week old baby.

Our visits up there have often been action packed, involving copious amounts of beer and food, and the preparation of the latter. A familiar tale, I’m sure. Hectic family schedules have often conspired against us, preventing many chances to head out for more than an hour long stroll to nearby parks, but in 2009 we managed it. We got up a set of local hills officially known as Alderman’s Hill but better known locally as Pots ‘n’ Pans.

Not only did we get out, but we’d got out on one of the few years that heavy snow had fallen in the local area. We tramped along hilltops, trying not to fall in snow that was nearly 1m deep.

It was fantastically invigorating; the grey sky and snow conspiring together to make it look like all the colour had been sucked out of the world. For much of the time, it was like we were walking in some sort of black and white photograph.

Alas it was all to short. There was more food to eat, more beer to imbibe. Still, it was good to be out there even for that short time.

If you’re out (or have been out) for a walk on this Boxing Day, have a good one.

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