A Boxing Day Picture

Published 26 December 2012

Badly Composed Picture Of The Day

It’s Boxing Day then! The day that people, bored of sitting round the house watching TV and arguing with relatives, attempt to get out of the house for a bit and head off for a walk. Are you?

If you are, you might be doing it with your brand new camera so I thought I’d offer a quick guide on photo composition. Or, in this case, how not to do it.

Looking at it, you can’t help but wonder what was going on in the mind of the photographer during this photograph of Knole House in Kent. It’s okay to wonder that because I didn’t take it.

True, it features deer, and lets face it, everyone loves some deer. But the exposure is appalling and everything is slightly blury. But the components are all wrong. I’m randomly plonked to the left of the photo, looking – and indeed pointing – in the wrong direction, then there’s a group of people having a fight in the middle, and some house in the background which is hardly shown in its best light.

So if you’re heading out to dust off the cobwebs and taking your new camera with you, do try and take a photo that’s just ever so slightly better than this one.

Have a good Boxing Day.

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