Published 26 December 2011

So did you have a good Christmas then? What are you doing today then? A boxing day walk? Good! (This bit kind of falls down if you’re not reading it on Boxing Day, doesn’t it?)

No one goes for walks on Christmas Day. Well not proper ones anyway. But people do like a Boxing Day walk hence this week A Sunday Picture is a day latter than normal.

It snowed during Christmas 2009 and that meant we got to go on a Boxing Day walk with white stuff everywhere. Also we made a snowman and a snow dog. But anyway, back to the walk.

We went up over Pots and Pans which is a hill overlooking Greenfield, in Saddleworth. Catherine and myself went with Catherine’s dad Mike and it was a memorable days walk thanks to the deep snow, slippery ice and the fact that I’d only just recovered from a bad bout of proper, serious flu and my lungs still weren’t working properly. Plus it was cold and my fleece didn’t seem to be thick enough.

The main reason for the Boxing Day walk is to get out of the house to walk off all that food and drink. And of course afterwards we headed back and ate more food and drank more drink.

Happy Boxing Day one and all.

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