Published 5 February 2012

Logs stacked up in Cogshead Forest
Logs stacked up in Cogshead Forest

Happy Sunday Picture Day. Also known as Sunday. Or something.

As you might have noticed given how much I’ve been going on about it, my Southern Upland Way series is being published at the moment and at the same time I’ve been busy uploading all my photos too.

I haven’t looked at some of them for a while so choosing the photos for A Sunday Picture is a great way to reminisce and remember aspects of the trip that just don’t seem important but stick in the brain.

Like this pile of logs in Cogshead Forest near Sanquhar. I like the photo but it’s the memory of seeing the huge forestry vehicle that was there, that is more prominent in my mind. Seeing it gently lift logs up and deposit them gently in the hopper on the back.

And indeed of me wondering if it was safe to walk near it as it did so!

More Sunday Pictures next week then.

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