An Icelandic Walk

Published 2 December 2012

At the top of Vindbelgjarfjall

As I mentioned last week, in 2005 we went on holiday to Iceland. It was a driving holiday, motoring around the island’s ring road. But we had our hiking boots with us, just in case, and on day 3 Catherine directed us to a hill called Vindbelgjarfjall, near Lake Mývatn.

It’s a 529m high hill and the path starts pretty much at sea level. Vindbelgjarfjall’s sides are mostly scree, although the path is at least reasonably good quality. At the top you get this amazing view of the water-filled area.

The beauty of Iceland is that it’s a landscape like nothing else you’ll ever see. I regularly yearn to go back for more, especially to try some of its walking trails through the Icelandic wilderness. So much walking to do… so little time.

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