At the top of Catbells

Published 21 July 2013

There’s a reason why many people recommend ascending Catbells from nearby Little Town rather than use the popular path from Hawse End. For doing so not only means you miss the crowds, but also that you don’t see the view until you get to the top.

In contrast, if (like me) you don’t walk up from Little Town, you walk up the fell with the splendid view of Keswick, Derwent Water and more all laid out for you. There is no “mighty reveal”, no sudden gasp or look at delight as that view arrives.

Even so, having come up from Hawse End, and having seen Derwent Water and beyond, I still couldn’t help but stand next to the summit cairn on top of Catbells, and look at the view with nothing but utter admiration.

The “reveal” can be amazing, but never forget the simple pleasure of merely being just that bit higher than you were before.

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