Black Loch

Published 15 January 2012

A bench in front of Black Loch
Black Loch, seen from Castle Kennedy on the Southern Upland Way

As you might have noticed, the long promised series on the Southern Upland Way started appearing on this site over the last week, and to celebrate I thought I’d use A Sunday Picture to showcase some of my favourite photographs from that trip last summer.

If you’re thinking this photograph doesn’t look much like the wilds of a walk across the Scottish borders, you’d be right. It’s too coiffured and manicured.

The photo is actually of Black Loch, a lake which sits in the stunningly laid out formal gardens of Castle Kennedy, which I visited on my second day of walking on the trail.

The Castle (now ruined) and it’s gardens sit just off the Southern Upland Way, and as it an absolutely beautiful day I popped in to take a good look around. The man at the ticket counter offered to look after my rucksack and I spent a happy hour or so admiring the groups without having to carry ten tonnes of weight.

My favourite views were probably of the two lochs that surround the castle and I could have lingered, admiring them for quite some time. Sadly I couldn’t as I still had many miles to do but it was a fantastic interlude on what would turn out to be a fantastic walk.

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