Can you spot what’s missing from the Wales Coast Path?

Published 5 October 2014

Walking on the Wales Coast Path near Maentwrog

Over the summer we spent some time in Wales, and had did a couple of walks. One of them took us along part of the Wales Coast Path – an epic 870 mile long trail that follows the Welsh coastline.

The section we walked did have something rather obvious missing though.

The sea.

We were walking it near the village of Maentwrog in Gwynedd. Which just happens to be several miles away from the sea.

The reason for heading so far inland is due to the fact that the path has to cross the Afron Dwyryd (the River Dwyryd if you don’t know your Welsh.)

There is a crossing closer to the sea – well was. A wooden toll bridge existed near the town of Porthmadog. For whatever reason, the trail wasn’t directed over it. It’s not much use right now as the bridge is closed for replacement (and the toll will be removed), so you have to take the long detour inland to cross at Maentwrog anyway. Hence you have a coast path section which goes very inland, and nowhere near the coast.

Whether, in time, the route gets changed to use the new bridge, I don’t know. Still, I suspect that if you’re one of those very few people who will ever try to do the whole of the trail, this little inland diversion will make a nice change from all the sand dunes and cliffs.

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