Crossing the Stile

Published 5 July 2015.

Crossing a stile on the South Downs, near Brighton

If you missed it (although how you could possibly do that, I don’t know), I recently celebrated 10 years of using flickr, and indeed, of using a digital camera.

These days I’m so used to having a camera (in the form of my mobile) always in my pocket that I tend to forget what a big deal it was to actually be able to take photographs and instantly see them. I barely took any photographs on my film camera; rarely even took it out of the house except on holidays. So I had to train myself to a) take my new camera out with me, and b) actually take photographs with it!

No surprise then that that first walk, I only took four photographs. But thankfully they were four good photographs. And whilst I highlighted two of them in the above post, I couldn’t let this one go off the hook.

It’s Catherine, stood on a stile near Devil’s Dyke, not far from Brighton.

Note the shoulder bag – we only had one rucksack and I was the one carrying it. Still, devoid of equipment we may have been, at least the views were great.

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