Dufton’s Water Fountain

Published 10 March 2013

It may have rained an insanely amount, and I may have gone through more bog that could ever be considered healthy, but I do actually have some very fond memories of the places I visited on the Pennine Way.

One of them is the village of Dufton, in Cumbria. It’s not that far from Penrith so it’s where we ended one trip and started another.

I couldn’t tell you exactly why I liked Dufton so much. It might have been the village’s great water fountain, pictured above. Or maybe it was the wonderful Stag Inn pub in the village. And the lovely YHA hostel. Or perhaps it was the tale I overheard about how there’d been some sort of schism and controversy when the local Women’s Guild disassociated itself from its parent organisation and became The Open Circle.

The latter tale was being told by a couple of drunk people in the Stag so I have absolutely no idea of the truth about it, but the heated conversation on the topic made enticing earwigging.

Ah yes, that’s probably why I liked Dufton so much.

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