Huts on the hillside

Published 14 June 2015

Wooden huts on the hills in Souliers, in the Queyras Alps

In so many respects, it seems very strange now to think that it was only eight years ago that I went on my first ever walking holiday. I’ve walked so many miles in the years that followed, and am now on my fourth pair of hiking boots. And it all started from two days on the Pennine Way.

But my first big walking holiday wasn’t actually in Britain at all, but in France where we undertook a six week walking tour of the Queyras Alps. The route we followed mostly followed various Grande RandonnĂ©e trails, which are a network of long distance walking routes which criss-cross France, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

It was a hard slog; the route devised by the travel agent required lots of climbing up and down mountains, and there were some very hot days. But it was a fantastic journey, with some great sights. And for good measure, we were some of the few British people there.

I’d thoroughly recommend the package we went for. If it still existed anyway. The lack of Brits was presumably the main reason why the travel company in question, no longer offers that particular tour. So you’ll either have to make your own route up, or simply sit back and admire views like this wooden huts on the side of a hill in Souliers.

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