It’s not all great views you know

Published 29 July 2012

Moorland again

I’ll let you in to a secret about how I update this site. You might think I sit down each Sunday morning and prepare the weekly Sunday Picture. But I don’t. I actually tend to do a load at once and schedule them to appear over the coming weeks, nay months. It may be July right now, but I actually prepared this page back in May.

The result of this batch process means that sometimes I can end up inadvertently end up focussing on one walk as I trawl through my photographs. Indeed the last couple of weeks have ended up being from the Pennine Way.

And I sat at my computer thinking “Oh, wow! Wasn’t the Pennine Way amazing?!” So I decided to share what much of the Pennine Way actually looks like.

Wild. Featureless. Moorland. And lots of it. Probably with some bog on it for good measure.

There. I needed to do that. Re-align my memories. Normal service will be resumed next week.

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