Look! A Hill!

Published 27 October 2013

A walker pointing at clouds in the Pentlands

It’s February 2006. I hadn’t even started the Pennine Way at that point; the walk that was to kindle my love of hiking. I was in the Pentlands for the day; a range of hills not far from Edinburgh. We were in the area to a) visit the city and b) visit Catherine’s brother who lived up there at the time.

And whilst there we did a walk that was a forerunner to so much that I’ve done since.

This is Scald Law. Or East Kip. I’m not entirely sure which. All I can say is that I fell in love with hills on that day. The mighty panoramic views. The annoyingly brilliant skyline. The timeless vision of beauty.

Who could not look at this vision of wonder and say “YES! I LOVE HIKING!”

I can’t think of any better photograph to end Great Views We Have Seen month on A Sunday Picture. It is, after all, a photograph that says so much.

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