Need to stop dreaming of the Lake District.

Published 3 October 2021

Sergeant Man on a gloomy day

I love the Lake District. So much so that when we decided to move out of London in 2014, I spent some time wondering whether I could somehow get a job somewhere like Kendal and live a lot closer.

We didn’t move there, but for quite some time I’ve done at least two trips up there a year in order to explore the Wainwrights, enjoy the pubs, and just soak in the wonderfulness of it all.

Thanks to the pandemic it’s now been over a year since I’ve been there, and it’s making me feel sad.

On the other hand, thanks to the pandemic, places like the Lake District have been incredibly busy this year as visitors flock to it due to being unable to visit other countries. I probably could have snook in a day trip or two but I would have been adding to the overcrowding.

So I sigh and think of what could have been.

To try and help with this matter I ended up looking at some photos of the Wainwrights in perhaps less good weather. A reminder that the Lake District is not a perfect utopia.

Unfortunately I’m really sure it’s helping.

Thankfully though I will be in the Lakes for a bit at some point soon. And what’s the betting the weather won’t be great and I’ll end up with more photos like this one of Sergeant Man? Still, it will be great to make it back.

(Alas I still won’t be going to Black Sail YHA as I’d hoped last year – the YHA is only offering private rooms in its hostels at the moment, and with only three bedrooms and sixteen beds, they’ve so far only opened Black Sail up for exclusive hire. 2022 perhaps?)

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