Old Perculiar

Published 22 June 2014

A pint of Theakston Old Perculiar

Some of my favourite walking in the UK is in Yorkshire. One of my favourite beers for drinking is from Yorkshire. Could this be a coincidence?

Probably, yes. I had my first pint of Theakston Old Perculiar way before I got into walking in a big way, however it’s been a firm favourite throughout many a walking trip. Many a day on the Dales Way and Pennine Way was ended with a pint of this silky, sumptuous pint of dark, fantastic ale.

Indeed, whilst walking the Pennine Way I even had the opportunity to pull my own pint of the stuff in the utterly brilliant Tan Hill Inn; something I hadn’t done since I’d worked behind the college bar during my student years. I was rather pleased to find I still had the knack.

Living in London I don’t get much chance to enjoy Theakston’s ales, although I did recently note that a pub near my house has now decided to start stocking them on a regular basis. Including Old Perculair. However, divine as it is, it’s still a beer that tastes all the more better after a fifteen mile trudge in the cold and rain.

So if you see me at the bar, you know what to order for me. Cheers, then!

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