On the beach at Birling Gap

Published 20 May 2012

Looking back at the Seven Sisters

All this May, a Sunday Picture is celebrating my favourite coastal walk – that along the Seven Sisters, over Beachy Head and in to Eastbourne.

I love it to bits, even on a dull, gloomy day such as the one this picture was taken on.

This photograph was taken at Birling Gap, where there is a beach and some steps down to it. On the grey stone beach you can sit and look at the crumbling chalk cliffs and marvel at it. Then move because a chunk has fallen off.

That crumbling of the cliffs means that this part of the coastline is always changing and, sadly, always reducing in size. Chalk cliffs erode and collapse. It’s a shame but that’s the way it is. And that’s also why you could go there tomorrow and this view will be just ever so slightly different.

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