Stood on a Hill

Published 8 July 2012

Andrew Bowden: Pennine Way Adventuter

You simply can’t beat a good bit of “standing on a hill action”. And there are some amazing places to stand on a hill and have your photograph taken.

This particular hill was on the Pennine Way, and the photograph taken in August 2010. We’d gone up to do the last two days of the walk from Byrness to Kirk Yetholm, having been snowed in on our attempt to do it in April of that year.

For some reason we’d elected to do most of our Pennine Way walking in the months of March, April and November. Months where the weather had a habit of raining. A lot. So to be up in the Cheviots in the bright sunshine was a revelation. It made walking the Pennine Way far more enjoyable for a start…

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