Stuck in the clouds

Published 19 July 2015. Last updated 22 July 2015

In the cloud on Earing Crag

Yesterday I drove several hundred miles from Ambleside, back to London. Well, at least I hope I did. You may not be surprised to learn that rather than get home and frantically start typing, I actually scheduled this post before I went on holiday, ensuring that you got a seamless supply of Sunday Pictures all without you knowing about my absence. Well, unless some fool mentioned it, anyway.

So there I was, two weeks in the Lakes. One week in Keswick, the other in Ambleside. And some stuff happened. Beer was drunk, food was eaten, the Pencil Museum was discussed. You know the score. I don’t because, like I say, as I type, I haven’t been yet. But I imagine these are the kind of things that would have happened at some point during that two week period.

As for the weather? Well wasn’t it awful/wonderful/fair-to-middling? There were some cracking days. And some terrible ones. One even looked a bit like this photo!

Probably. Like I say, I don’t know.

Although if I was to put money on it, I’d say it would be a fair bet.

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