Published 11 October 2015

High Sweden Bridge

Flickr tells me I have taken four photographs of High Sweden Bridge. I’m not sure I believe this, partly because I believe I’ve taken more. But also because a few minutes earlier it told me I’d taken just three.

Perhaps I feel I’ve taken more because it’s a bridge I feel compelled to photograph every time I’m near it, on the edge of Ambleside. It is just so amazingly photogenic after all. This 18th century packhorse bridge just screams “photograph me!” all the time.

And I probably will. Few photographs will, I doubt, ever better this one. Taken on a wet and miserable day, rain was swelling Scandale Beck, forcing the water to flow fast downstream. And there’s that lone hiker, crossing the bridge, hoping they won’t fall in.

Of course there’s a flaw with liking this one, because that’s me in the picture, meaning I didn’t actually take the photograph. It was taken by Catherine who was accompanying me on this wet and wild walk.

Still, it gives me an excuse to take more photos of the bridge. Perhaps one day I’ll even better this one.

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