The beauty of Loch Lomond

Published 7 September 2014

The edge of Loch Lomond

As promised, it’s September and Rambling Man is back on the internet! Hope you didn’t miss us too much, and that you had lots of fun in August.

I’ve personally just got back from walking the East Highland Way from Fort William to Aviemore. There’s going to be more on that in the coming months, once I’ve sorted out the hundreds of photographs and things. But whilst I do that, it seemed appropriate to have a photo from somewhere reasonably close by.

In 2009 I walked the West Highland Way. You won’t find it on Rambling Man because – foolishly! – I never wrote it up at the time. One day I will. Promise.

The West Highland Way was where I fell in love wit the dramatic scenery of the Scottish highlands. Beautiful lochs, stunning mountains, loads of midges. What is there not to like? Besides the midges.

The highlands are a long way from London, and it’s not a place I get to go to very often. Yet it’s actually quite easy to get to thanks to the sleeper trains that run six days a week between the capital and Scotland. Hop on a train at Euston, have a few beers in the lounge car, head to bed and wake up in the middle of the countryside. Get off train, enjoy lochs, mountains and midges. Perfect really.

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