The best sign you can see outside a pub when walking

Published 20 April 2014

Walkers Picnic Garden

How many times have you been on a walk at lunchtime, gone past a pub and thought “Hmm, that place looks nice.” And you consider stopping, but you’ve got a packed lunch with you already, so if you stopped for a pint, where would you eat it?

I’ve done it so many times. And regularly I go past thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if they let you eat your packed lunch in their beer garden, whilst supping a pint.

We were on our first day of the West Highland Way. A pretty easy day, overall, as we began to approach the Beech Tree Inn, we had that same thought. If only… if only…

What’s that? Walkers picnic garden?

Fancy stopping for a swift one?

Oh, go on then.

True, the picnic garden was just some benches tucked away from the main beer garden. But the beer was in excellent condition. We even stayed for another.

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