The Top of Fairfield

Published 4 August 2013

There are some fells which are pretty small when you get to the top. And there are others that sprawl everywhere; space seemingly in no end of supply.

Fairfield in the Lake District’s eastern fells fits firmly in the latter category. It’s a fine fell; the centrepiece of the well known and much walked Fairfield Horseshoe. Or Horsehoe as I have a habit of typing, although I’ve yet to work out what a horsehoe is.

Anyway, back to Fairfield. Fairfield certainly has a big top. You could get a couple of coach loads of people up here and there’d still be plenty of people. Although that would never happen, as all those coach people would have to walk up.

So it seems I’m wittering on about not very much here, so let’s just leave it as – Fairfield. It’s big. It’s flat. And if that’s not an incentive to visit, I don’t know what is.

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