A bird of the Northumberland coast

Published 28 November 2021

A metal bird perches on a wall for a rest

Public art on walking trails is a common sight. And it comes in many forms. On the Southern Upload Way I got to admire one of Andy Goldsworthy’s Striding Arches. The Yorkshire Wolds Way offered a poetry bench. There’s statues. There’s obelisks. Things made out of stone. Others made out of grass.

But how many trails have a small metal bird perching on a wall?

Other than that it sits on a wall outside the village of Boulmer on the Northumberland Coast Path, I can tell you absolutely nothing about this beauty. Other than that I quite liked it. And whoever made it, and installed it, well I give them my thanks for it made me smile.

Art can me deep. Art can be complex. Art can be thought-provoking. But art can also be fun.

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