Smithymire Island

Published 22 April 2012

Smithymire Island
Smithymire Island

In 2009 I did the Cumbria Way, my first solo long distance walk.

Prior to that I’d always been walking with someone else, with the exception of one, perhaps two day walks in the South East of England.

Apart from getting very wet and very lost (and learning the lesson about not buying cheap waterproofs) on my first day, it was an excellent walk and I enjoyed it enough to want to do more solo walking.

One of my favourite sections was coming over the Stake Pass and in to the village of Rosthwaite in Borrowdale. It was an absolutely cracking day for weather and everywhere looked so beautiful and lovely, putting me in a really good mood.

Smithymire Island caught my eye in particular. It’s where Langstraith Beck and Greenup Gill meet, becoming Stonethwaite Beck (and which later meets the River Derwent.)

The sun just glistened beautifully on the water; the heather topped fells looking beautiful, covered in purple. It was magical.

The next year we passed by the same place whilst on the Coast to Coast. Funnily enough, it was raining. And somehow it all didn’t seem quite so magical.

Can’t think why.

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