Published 24 June 2012


June has been a bit of a celebration of the Dales Way here on A Sunday Picture.

And to end the celebration I decided that there could be only one photograph. And funnily enough, it’s at the end of the walk.

I don’t quite know why the Dales Way heads in to the Lake District and why it ends in Windermere, but it does and it ends with this fantastic view.

What’s even more exciting is that the creators of the walk did it in such a way that the view really is the right at the end. You approach the Lakes from a position where you can’t see Lake Windermere, and then, suddenly it just pops out. You reach the very end of the walk and in those last few metres, you finally see it.

And you sit on the bench, specially placed for the purpose, look out and feel very happy.

Then, if you’re anything like me, you realise you’ve lost a camera battery and start wondering where on earth it is. Which kind of spoils the mood really.

You can read about my Dales Way journey, over in the Walks section, or even get the book.

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